Know Yourself – Live Authentically

Why Astrology?

The horoscope is a stellar blueprint and navigation map which reveals inherent capacities and challenges for a meaningful and healthy life of service and achievement. Your chart is an invaluable tool for self healing and transformation. Words in italics reflect my personal orientation to the archetypes of Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn. Abundance, connection, creativity, awakening and compassion might speak more to your individual alignment. Ultimately, we all more or less embody and experience the twelve archetypes on the Hero’s Journey to the True Self.

What kind of Astrology?

Archetypical Astrology is the foundation which allows the freedom of an intuitive and choice based approach instead of the popular but closed descriptive and predictive style of traditional astrology . Inspired by Evolutionary Astrology, which points to the optimal direction for your soul’s growth, we dive into your natal chart and analyze your seed pattern for this life. We uncover which beliefs and behaviors are ripe to be released and what skipped steps are wise to be taken on the path to integrated wholeness – and happiness!. Further informed by Psychological Astrology, key life challenges can be defined and worked through with AstroTherapy as needed. Sourced in AstroPsychology, a unique developmental timeline can be gleaned from the horoscope providing insight not available with standard astrology. Medical Astrology may contribute although I work more specifically with the body and physical health via www.sowelaholistichealth.com.

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    Wondering if...

    ... if now is the time to take the leap? (Hint: there is a reason you have landed here!)

    ...if astrology has anything to offer you? (Hint: beyond self-discovery in the natal chart is guidance navigating the opportunities and challenges as life unfolds - without speaking astrologese!)

    ....if our styles are in synch? (Hint: one way to find out! I offer three distinctively different ways of doing sessions - coaching, counseling and therapy. You choose!)

    Book a free consultation on my contact form by sending your birthdate, place and time if available. Some people feel more comfortable using only first name or a nickname at this stage. I'd like to hear about you and your situation - your concerns and goals in order to understand what you need at this time in your journey.

    As a thank you for reaching out, I send you a free natal horoscope report (computer generated) as well as my insights after our 'stellar conversation'.

    There are many paths to the mountaintop - perhaps I am a well suited guide for you!