Welcome to Sanctuary, a safe haven where you can explore the story of your life and release the limiting beliefs and traumatic events, revealing the real you underneath the facade. Discover the challenge your horoscope presents and how to find freedom beyond the persona and archetypes. Learn ancient and modern techniques to empower your creativity and intuition as you re-member your authentic self.

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    Wondering if now is the time to take the leap? If these tools and techniques suit your temperament? If our styles are in synch? Take a few minutes and share your concerns and goals with me on Skype or by phone. I offer a free thumbnail sketch briefly touching on your identity, instinctual needs, thinking style, desires and drive as well as evolutionary life path as revealed in your horoscope. Include birthdate, place and preferably time when you contact me. There are many paths to the mountaintop - perhaps this is the right one for you!