Flowing with Moon Pauses

August AlmanacaVoid of Course Moon seems to have captured the imagination of many who are asking for a deeper explanation after reading the mundane applications of this regularly occurring phenomena. You can find the VoC Timetable for August furthest down.

The Moon brings the energy and light of the Sun closer to earth. Many ask about now ‘why on earth’ (pun intended) we do not keep track of the Earth instead? Personally, I do factor in the Earth which is exactly opposite the Sun. We are more than our Sun Signs – to start with we are our Sun-Earth pair. If you HAVE* a Virgo Sun, then you have a Pisces Earth. Sun in Capricorn means Earth in Cancer. An Aquarius Sun places Earth in Leo. The twelve archetypes of the zodiac represent six continuums and best understood in that broader perspective. The astrology we commonly use is geocentric so we are looking up from the earth, easily seeing the Sun and Moon. The heliocentric chart is a different (some say more spiritual) perspective, with some planets in different signs, the Earth prominently marked but no Sun!

But the good old down to earth Moon is always there. So near, She often feels you could reach out and touch her. The Moon is the Yin, the manifest in the material world, the earthy-watery ever-changing rhythm in the daily life where instinctual needs do affect how we feel safe and secure on our home, planet Earth. In many ways, much more relevant than what the Sun (polar opposite to the qualities listed for Moon) is doing way up there even if He is the organizing principle that everything else revolves around!

The Moon is reflecting the story we are playing out with our feet on the ground, having bellies to fill and hearts in our breast that strive to be open. There are about twelve chapters in each month’s book and the outline of each is delineated by the aspects the Moon is making to the key players (Luminaries, Planets and Angles). So one chapter plays out during the two and half to three days that the Moon is in each sign. Ever noticed how there is usually empty space at the end of a chapter, some room after the last paragraph before the next chapter? This is the empty space of the plot NOT advancing when the Moon is no longer engaged in aspects while in the current sign.

The story analogy is rather Yang but cut me some slack – I have Moon in Gemini which lives for STORY and Mercury in Sagittarius which is focused on giving that story MEANING! Let’s go for something more Moon-like and Yin, in the body, sensing and feeling. Like Yoga. My yoga practice today embodies more than body, but I started out with classic hatha and went to classes with a Triple Virgo (Sun-Moon-Ascendant). This earthy woman was all about DOING the asanas and really could not get the teacher’s quip: It is in the pause it happens. Happens on the inside, not the outside. After the physical movement, allowing the ripples of energy to flow.

If you are looking for Goddess-given opportunities for taking pause in your life 8in addition to the Dark Moon phase) here you are! I know several gung-ho Virgos** and sensitive Cancers who have organized their lives so they do not have to be so active during these few hours and maybe even fast or cleanse. More natural perhaps for watery Piscean or Scorpionic types to withdraw; our shining Leo can let the creativity stay in the heart during the pause while Capricorn can discipline themselves to wait for the strategic time of action.

It can go against the societal flow, however, to take the chance to NOT be active in this Yang-driven world. Breath out. Pause a second and wait for the inhalation to come of itself. The more you practice this – both following the Moon and the breath! – the more in-tune you will become to the subtle energy signals the universe sends via the Moon about when it is time to be active. For the watery types, get a sense of the ebb and flow of the tide, feeling the temporary stillness of the ocean before the next wave rolls and crests. Remember all this encouragement to take pause and relax wants to be taken in conjunction with your unique elemental blueprint (aka your chart). Your challenge could be quite the opposite and you need to engage in more activity or that your Moon feels constantly swamped. Perhaps this is the right time to dig deeper with a Natal Chart Reading or see how the cosmic weather is affecting you with a Transits & Progressions Reading?

Above all, go with the flow, that is the teaching of the Moon. Yes, Moon rules sensitive Cancer but also loves being in Taurus as well. Taurus the Bull reminds us to be in touch with our Inner Animal, fine tuning the inner awareness of what feels right. For those of you who are ‘over the Moon’ about aligning with this Moon Pause time, know there is a way of calculating personal Void of Course Moon which can have slight variations on time. (Use the contact form to send me your details and I will email you a report for whatever month you chose.) I am writing this during the general but not my personal Void and I accidentally hit ‘publish’ earlier on instead of ‘save as draft’. Had thought (analytical Air) to wait until the Moon was active again before publishing, but my fingers flowed otherwise – a timely reminder to NOT get too hung up on Void of Course timing! We use the Stars as navigational guidance but they do not determine our the course of our life. We are at the proverbial helm of the ship (and a skillful skipper navigates WITH the tides).

Wishing you free flow as we enter a Sagittarius Moon,

*I prefer to express it as we HAVE the Planets located in whatever sign in our horoscope rather than that we ARE, for example, a Leo Sun or a Gemini Moon or even a Scorpio Ascendant. We ARE the entire circle, embodying all twelve archetypes. Where we HAVE the Luminaries (Sun and Moon), Planets (Mercury through Pluto) and Angles (Ascendent-Decendent and MidHeaven-Nadir) does of course say what archetype we may BE a little more of!

**When I call someone a Virgo or Cancer like this, it is referring to them HAVING one of the Triad (Sun-Moon-Ascendant) in that sign.

The table below shows rounded off times listed in GMD (Greenwich Mean Daylight) in England which means +1 hour for Scandinavia/Central Europe, +6 hours for Japan, -5 hours for East Coast America and -8 hours for USA’s West Coast.

Void of Course Moon for August 2016 in GMD

4 August 5:00 – 9:00 ends Virgo Moon
6 August 4:00 – 18:00 ends Libra Moon
8 August 18:30 – 00:00+ ends Scorpio Moon
11 August 6:00 – 18:30 ends Sagittarius Moon
13 August 18:30 – 00:00+ ends Capricorn Moon
16 August 3:30 – 13:00 ends Aquarius Moon
18 August 10:00 – 18:00 ends Pisces Moon
20 August 13:00 – 20:30 ends Aries Moon
22 August 12:30 – 22:30 ends Taurus Moon
24 August 20:30 – 00:00+ ends Gemini Moon
27 August 1:30 – 4:30 ends Cancer Moon
29 August 7:00 – 9:30 ends Leo Moon
31 August 5:00 – 16:30 ends Virgo

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