When Hours Matter – Void of Course Moon

What am I supposed to do when the Universe sends me three people in three days with questions that clearly stretch my comfort zone? Embrace it, of course, and work with them to refine the questions.

A real estate broker queries: When are optimal times to show a house and sign a contract? A friend’s husband asks: How can I better the odds when playing the lottery? An unemployed client wonders: What can I do to get an interview and then the job?

Friends and clients who have walked with me on ‘the stellar journey’ know well my take on astrology: The horoscope primarily reveals a map of the psyche, optimally used to navigate the terrain as the life quest unfolds. Certainly, understanding the astrological timeline helps us flow with universal cycles and better handle challenging transits from transformational planets. I am oriented to serving as a ‘wise woman’ delving into the soul’s purpose: crafting a meaningful choice of life work, unraveling the challenges of relationships, even exploring the lessons dis-ease may offer.

But this mundane prediction stuff? It was precisely the mistake of confusing astrologers with fortune-tellers when I was younger that left me with little respect for astrology (along with disbelief in trite Sun sign descriptions). Decades later, I discovered the rich complexity of astrology and in particular, the vital and game changing role of the MOON.

The Moon, among other things, portrays where the everyday life plays out, bringing ‘down to earth’ the reflection of the Sun. Always changing yet in predictable cycles, the focus in this post is on one specific lunar technique, leaving the significance of the Moon’s sign and phase for another time.

The Moon passes through one zodiac sign approximately every two and a half days. During the 28 day lunar cycle, the Moon embodies all twelve archetypes (signs) as it waxes from New Moon to Full Moon then wanes to Dark Moon. From the moment the Moon makes the last major contact (aspect) with any planet, until it enters the next sign, the Moon is not activated.

VOID OF COURSE (VoC) Moon is the term used for this state that last for some hours and occurs every 2-3 days. In essence, “Nothing will come of it. It will not happen” is the core impact (prediction). Armed with a handy table of VoC times, this is the simple do-it-yourself guidance my three people can employ and without needing the usual in-depth analysis of an experienced astrologer!

“You can tell a man is clever by his answers. you can tell a man is wise by his questions.” — Naguib Mahfouz

The questions about house sales and job interviews were wisely formulated to invite a clever answer. The realtor is not asking the stars to predict if the house will sell, rather how to ELECT optimal timing. I personally prefer the potential of astrology to explore wise questions like ‘Am I suited to marriage? At this time in my life? To this particular person?’ and then seek a profound answer. Nonetheless, the pragmatic question of ‘When is a good time to hold the marriage ceremony?’ merits an answer as well. (Hint: not when Pluto is squaring Venus like yours truly unwittingly chose!)

As always, the question is key but so is the desired answer. The broker presumably wants to get an offer after showing the house and sign a contract without complications or delays. My husband, however, dutifully put our Swedish summer cottage on the market when we moved to Vermont (two main houses were enough!) but his heart was not in it. The Universe conspired with him – contract signing with the broker and most open houses ‘magically’ occurred during VoC Moon. ‘Nothing came of it’, the sale did not happen. My young client, on the other hand, desperately wants a job, any job, so I counsel her to avoid mailing applications or booking interviews during the VoC time. Opposite advice would apply to the highly qualified professional who is pressured by the employment agency or unemployment insurance to take a job, any job.

How powerful or important is this VoC Moon? You have obviously survived and hopefully thrived thus far, blissfully ignorant and presumably without greater repercussions. The subtle energy of VoC may explain why some undertakings have been strangely ineffective or certain periods have felt dull. Employ VoC time for passive everyday endeavors or doing something you do NOT want to elicit a reaction, like sending in your tax return, confessing a blunder to your boss, maybe even pulling a fast one on the spouse or kids! Just wait until the Moon has passed out of VoC to ask for a raise, propose to your beloved or book that dream holiday.

The table below shows rounded off time listed in GMD (Greenwich Mean Daylight) for the duration of Void of Course Moon for the latter half of this month. This shows the time in England and means +1 hour for Central Europe including Scandinavia, +6 hours for Japan, -5 hours for East Coast America and -8 hours for USA’s West Coast.

15 June Moon is VoC between 08.00 – 14.30 ending transit through Scorpio
17 June Moon is VoC between 14.30 – Midnight ending transit through Sagittarius
20 June Moon is VoC between 12.00 – 13.00 ending transit through Capricorn
22 June Moon is VoC between 10.00 – 21.30 ending transit through Aquarius
24 June Moon is VoC between 16.30 – Midnight ending transit through Pisces
27 June Moon is VoC between Midnight – 08.30 ending transit through Aries
29 June Moon is VoC between 09.30 – 12.00 ending transit through Taurus

More in a future post on why to plan a family reunion under a Cancer Moon, an exotic trip under a Sagittarius Moon and a tantric sex weekend under a Scorpio Moon. Choose the introspective Dark Moon phase for a meditation retreat but extroverted, happening Full Moon for a party.

Questions most welcome and please share your thoughts on the Void of Course Moon strategies as well as how it plays out in your life. Thanks for taking time, I wish you success with clever strategies!

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