Journey with Me

photo-BikeNaturbad Sanctuary is by definition, a “safe haven”, what we long for and require to retreat from the hectic so-called real world to be able to go within. Further defined as a “sacred place”, this is ultimately our Heart Mind and can be entered at any geographical place.

Right now, I am re-discovering the joys of journeying by bicycle. This beach near our summer house in Åhus, Sweden is one of my current sanctuaries.

Deeply grateful, I have visited many of the classic sacred sites whilst living in America, Japan and Greece as well as traveling China, England and Australia. My current homeland of Sweden has recognized power places as well, such as Ales Stenar, seen in the photo.

IMG_LaAlesHowever, I seek (and find!) sanctuary in everyday places such as the beach above, where one has the option to “get naked” by shedding clothes. My goal is rather to let go of the veils of persona and belief that cover up our authentic self, becoming free to live with joy and compassion. No nude pictures, I promise, only transparency of the heart and mind as I walk the path towards freedom and truth and invite you to join me.

With love, light and laughter,

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