Lunar New Year Kick Off

My coffee is already cold and it is not yet 5.30 a.m. How can I listen to the whisperings of my heart if my morning brew is not piping hot, cardamom aroma and bitter bite of cacao satisfying the soul of my body?

My guys are off to CrossFit training, leaving just beloved dog at home, curled up at my feet after our starlit walk. Now is my time to connect with spirit ‘on the Page’ before I too hit the gym. A post workout sauna will cleanse the body, with the heart and mind already cleared by “The Artist’s Way” inspired handwritten Morning Pages.

What if I took the leap beyond personal journaling, daring to type and then share? Perhaps one thread called “Musings of a Mere Mortal” for my own ramblings about life as a holistic health practitioner, ex-pat, friend, wife and mother. Another dubbed “Meditations of Mindful Masters” for reflections on the gems I stumble upon in books, courses, retreats and encounters in everyday life. A third to delve into the mysteries of the triangle and the role of duality contra unity consciousness. The fourth, learning to live in harmony with the rhythms of the earth (Taoism) and the blueprint of the sky (Evolutionary Astrology). This eclectic potpourri is what stirs my soul and prompts me to write.

There should be nothing like a contract with one’s coach to get rear in gear. My agreement was first intro blog posted by Full Moon. Rough draft was sketched out just in time yet here I sit, two Mondays later at the New Moon which is Lunar (Chinese) New Year to boot. Why did I miss my self-imposed deadline? Was it lack of discipline and dedication? Or what my husband would generously call ‘courageous disobedience’ in himself — the same quality that my dad less kindly labeled ‘contrary mindedness’ in me and I have been guilty of referring to as ‘reverse psychological behavior’ in my daughter? Or could it be a step on the freedom path, balancing outer direction with inner guidance?

I choose commitment over discipline, intent rather than goal and rhythm instead of routine, granting myself much needed breathing space if I am to go the distance with this blogging endeavor. I commit to authenticity and intend to overcome ‘perfect being the enemy of good enough’, flowing with organic rhythm. Here is kicking off with a quote from one of my favorite sages, the venerable Lao Tzu:

“Kindness in words creates confidence.
Kindness in thinking creates profoundness.
Kindness in giving creates love.”

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